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Jg Cobblestones Pty Ltd
Unit 4-33 College Street
Gladesville NSW 2111 Australia

Ph: (02) 9817 8666
Fax: (02) 9817 8677
ABN 31 130 320 713

Natural Granite and Porphyry Cobblestones™ are an environmentally sound material which is non-slip, low maintenance, everlasting, recyclable, perpetual colour, and with more than a thousand uses - from road and pedestrian paving to feature walls and landscaping.

By combining the range of cobblestone colours or with other materials, a simple lane, pathway or forecourt becomes an innovative work of art.

High compressive strength means Cobblestones™ withstand vehicular traffic and are an ideal material for streetscaping.

Granite and Porphyry cobblestone range from 150Mpa to over 200Mpa.

Our prices are extremely competitive due to our companys experience importing natural stones over a long period.

The price of Natural Granite and Porphyry Cobblestones™ is often found to be less then locally manufactured concrete substitutes.